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About Us

Hi we are David and Amanda, both animal lovers with a passion for keeping old family farms from turning into housing developments. Our passions brought us together in the most unusual of circumstances and today we spend our days caring for animals, caring for three farms, raising our children and trying our best to create environments where people can learn about as well as learn from animals. 

Amanda was born and raised in North Carolina and now is a veterinarian licensed in North Carolina, Florida and Arizona. Her passion is caring for animals and educating kids about animals. She has a gift of instilling confidence in young people who might want to have a career in a medical profession.

David is originally from New York City and is still learning each day about what it takes to keep farm animals healthy, farms kept up, tractors operating and crops growing. His passion is using the farms as a place for children to be outside and disconnected for at least awhile. He started several summer programs in 2015 and they have grown each year. 

David and Amanda married in 2017 and have seven children and two grandchildren. Lindsey is who Davids daughter has become very involved with the farms and runs "My Little Farmer, which has become a community favorite.

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